Desk In front of a Window: A Trend to Follow


Now that work-from-home is a trend and companies allow teams to work with their teammates online, having a tremendous work-from-home set-up is a must! Plus, the aesthetic room goals will only be complete with a cute desk for your shelves, books, and whatnot. Whether you are working or not, everyone needs a place where they can write their love letters and diaries like the main character that you are. And what better way to achieve that main character than doing it near the window?


There are a lot of work-from-home set-ups available on Pinterest, but aesthetics aside, there are many considerations and tips to help set up that perfect desk to match the vibe and activate the productive and creative juices of everyone. Ranging from a desk in front of the window to desks against the windows to decorating a built-in desk under a window, the following ideas are what you need to redecorate that room and start your work-from-home journey.  


For girls and guys out there looking for the set-ups of the desk in front of the window ideas, scroll below for your Pinterest and IG-worthy set-ups!

Why Desks in Front of a Window Are Perfect  

Placing desks in front of window ideas is great for work-from-home setups. But before setting up, ensure you have the perfect window for this set-up. That window must be big enough to illuminate the right light for the set-up. Also, make sure that the view is not distracting. It should not be facing the road because it might distract you. You wouldn't want that, right?


And last, consider security. Is the window you plan to set your desk near safe? Does it make you visible to strangers? Are your gadgets situated in an area convenient enough for thieves? During summer days, when the heat can be too much, putting up blinds to lessen the amount of light getting in is advisable, or placing your desk under a window is another great idea. Below is why you should start moving your desk in front of a window now.  


Natural Light

Placing your work-from-home set-up in front of a window is perfect for natural light. Natural light ensures you appear good in front of the camera, which is ideal when holding Zoom and Google meetings. The natural lighting also helps prevent eye strain on your part. Having the set-up near the window makes sure that there is enough light between the monitor and your eyes. This avoids eye strain and lessens the possible damage radiation causes to the eyes. Plus, ensuring you are exposed to enough sunlight despite the work-from-home set-up allows your skin to look healthy despite work hours.

Improves your Mood

Getting a peek outside while working helps relieve stress and improve your mood. Working for hours without taking your eyes off the screen strains the eyes and drains the energy out of you. To avoid this, looking at something from afar after 15 minutes of staring at the screen helps relieve stress and take breaks between hectic days. If your window directs you to a natural view like your garden or the trees, then this is perfect! This allows you to connect with nature, which relieves stress and improves everyone’s mood. Plus, it breaks the monotony making your day better and more interesting despite being in the comforts of your home.

Keeps Your PC Well-ventilated

Having your computer near the window ensures it does not overheat because natural air passes through it. Overheating happens when the cooling feature of the PC cannot ventilate. Another reason is the heavy tasks done. The natural air will keep the gadgets cool despite the long hours of working. Thus, it does not get damaged.



A desk in front of a window is also known to be cost-efficient. Having that office area near the window helps you regulate the temperature, which allows you to use lesser electronic items to cool the place off. During cloudy days, you do not have to turn on all the lights in the room because you are situated in the brightest area of the room. This allows you to save more money. Now you do not have to spend so much for the fare and now for the bills.


Desk In-front of the Window Ideas

Copping a desk against the window setup is one of the most efficient setups you can try to achieve that aesthetic. With the matching accessories and the best chair to pair it up with, you will surely reach your central character moment. Below are the ideas on positioning your desk in front of a window and where you should position your stuff.

1. Turning Your Back from the Door

Work-from-home set-ups are much better when you turn your back from the door because you avoid anticipating someone walking in, which disrupts your focus. To do this, you need to consider where the door is located and then, from there, position the desk. It can either be facing the wall or the window. Many desks are for sale that can fit corner spaces if you want the desk. There are also plain desks of high quality you can check out in Fezibo. To add more spice to the set-up, you can add drawers of different heights to place on the sides of the table where you can quickly grab your things. Click HERE to check out these offers. Fezibo also offers desks with built-in drawers to save you the time and energy of looking for drawers that will look good with your desk. Check it out HERE.

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2. Go Sideways


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You do not have to face the window directly to get that natural light. You can still get the light but have your desk sideways. This is a matter of how you position your chairs. L-shaped desks are perfect to shift your position from the window. During mornings or online meetings, you can place your laptop on the counter nearest the light source and move around your chair. And when you want the light to illuminate sideways, you can move the computer back onto the counter facing the wall. Through this, you get to have both options.


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TIP: Use an ergonomic chair to move around and shift positions without carrying it! Check out some ergonomic chairs in FEZiBO.

3. Face the Window

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Putting the desk in front of a window is one of the most common setups. It is because it is the brightest place, and it is where you can maximize the health benefits of being reached by sunlight. What better way to get all the vitamins than by putting yourself out there? However, that doesn't mean that you cannot decorate it. There are a lot of desks in front of the window ideas put out everywhere. You can use the window as bookshelves to add to the aesthetic. You can also put plants and drawers beside them. This setup is perfect if you want your area to be spacious so that you can have the space to move around, stretch and dance if you feel like it.


A desk facing the window directly to get the most out of the natural light is one way of meeting the window. Here, you have to consider how much light the window is getting. Usually, plain desks are best for this type of set-up because it makes the area appear more spacious. And you will have more space to insert your drawers, shelves, and plants to make the place homey and personal.


TIP: Place the monitor at the center to achieve that symmetrical look. And make sure to match the colors with the walls for aesthetic purposes.  


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Another desk-in-front-of-a-window idea you can try is placing the desk in an area where it faces the window but not directly. If you have a window with walls beside it, you can set the desk in front of the wall just beside the window. This style will shield you from too much sunlight. After all, you can move your chair nearer the window to get more sunlight. This desk set-up controls the amount of sunlight getting in. If you want an area where it is not too bright that affects the visibility of the screen or not too dark to strain your eyes, then this setup is best.


To achieve this vibe, you can start by grabbing your desk near the window. You can also put plants in the window for the set-up not to look too empty. If the desk is too wide, you can place the computer on the side that faces the wall while the shelves and other stuff are in the area that directly faces the window.


More Tips Just For You!

1. A Room to Breathe

No matter how fun and interesting it is for you to work with your teammates at work, you will still need the time to de-stress. Looking at the outside view is one way to do that, but make sure to stand up and move around as much as you can. Sitting in front of your computer for hours focusing on your tasks will drain you. Setting up a table and chair where you can sit in silence, enjoy your coffee or take a nap would be perfect. You need to set up a room where you do not have to face the monitor and have the time all to yourself. You can also receive guests here. One lesson that most students and employees who experienced the work-from-home set-up have is to set up separate areas for de-stressing, working, and sleeping. This will allow you to shift from working mode to resting and sleeping. Having the set-up close to your bed will make it harder for your mind to shift to sleep mode or de-stressing mode.  


     2.  A Room to Stretch

To have this room, you need to make sure that your desk setup does not take up all the space in your room. There are days when you would love to do a 10-minute yoga or jump around to relieve your stress. It would be stressful and messy to drag around your wires because your desk set-up takes up all the space, so make sure to maximize a certain area and try to achieve that minimalist look.

3.  Mind the Feng Shui

While Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to achieving an aesthetic room, you should not forget the Feng Shui experts. Being fashionable is better if you pair it with luck and abundance. Where you place your desk, which is the center of your working area, and your career in feng shui is important. It should put your back to a wall where you can view the door slightly but not directly. The sideway layout is perfect for this.


4. Make it personal

There may be a lot to consider and consult when setting up a desk but make sure to consult yourself. After all, you have the final say. Make that desk setup about you! If you love plants, then go out with some plants and some green wallpapers. If you love pink, make sure to purchase your items in different shades of pink. You can also insert pictures of your loved ones to keep you inspired. More than the aesthetic, your working area should be about you. Live for yourself first, then the Gram second.


5. Pick the Right Items

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Since a working area is an investment that requires you to spend some time on planning and putting out some money, make sure to choose good quality items. Ask the right questions, and do not jump at the buying decision right away. Consider the materials, the features, and the add-on. FEZiBO offers desks, ergonomic chairs, drawers, and everything you need for that dream desk set-up.



There are a lot of considerations when setting up a desk. From the costs and purpose to the aesthetics, this investment requires thorough consideration. Since this is an investment, make sure to make it worthwhile. Purchase things that will boost your productivity and mind your well-being. Choose products that think about you too! Get to know FEZiBO and all we have to offer through this link, fezibo.