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The Benefits of Small Standing Desks

The rapid development of science and technology in today's era, the changes of the times often lead to the upgrading of the industrial belt, and the office furniture industry has emerged a dark horse emerging product in the new era - the standing desk, which is a desk that can be lifted and lowered. You can work standing or sitting.
The design concept of the standing desk is derived from the evolution of human beings from walking on all fours to walking upright. Relevant researchers have investigated the development history of furniture in the world and found that in daily life, sitting down after walking upright is conducive to reducing fatigue, thus inventing the furniture. This way of sitting and working has been passed down, but as people spend more and more time sitting and working, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. Gradually, the humanized working desk - the standing desk small(same as small adjustable desk) appeared. Then what are the benefits of a standing desk?
Nowadays, standing desk has been developed into rich sizes for us to choose from. In today's topic, we focus on the standing desks in small size.

Affordable Price

Comparing with the large standing desks, the obviously benefit of small standing desk is its affordable price. There are various desktop sizes to meet your needs, which are 40"/48"/55"/60"/63" in length and 24"/28"/30" in depth. The minimum price of smallest laminate desktop is only $59.99! The whole set of small standing desk with memory height controller just cost you $219.99! It is a really reasonable price of electric standing desk in US. No mention to the crank standing desk, the 40" x 24" crank standing desk only cost you $1159.99, so that you could get rid of struggling the neck and back pain.

Fit Anywhere in Your Place

Unlike the large standing desk, the small standing desk doesn't need to occupy large space in your house. FEZiBO cranking standing desk with four wheels is easy to move and fit anywhere in your workstation.

Good for Your Health

Sitting at a desk all day is bad for your body, and experts have highly recommended that people stand for about 15 minutes per hour in the workplace. A professor at the University even said that his research showed that people should stand for at least 30 minutes every hour to reap the health benefits, which is why the elevating desk came into being. Using a small standing desk is good for people's health, it can promote efficacy, it can attract good talent, and it can reduce the cost of the business in general. The most important thing is that using a desk to work can help reduce sedentary or standing behavior, improve physical and mental health, and help focus and improve work efficiency. The specific manifestations are: the time spent sitting and working is reduced; the discomfort symptoms of the back, shoulders and neck are significantly reduced; the sitting and standing alternate office is convenient for switching.

Improves Your Working Efficiency

In recent years, more and more companies have begun to offer standing desks to improve employee health, encourage collaboration and increase productivity.

Electric Standing Desk-
Crank Small Standing Desk--Shake Off Your Drowsiness

FEZIBO Crank small standing desk helps create a better work environment by allowing you to move throughout your day. By manually turning the crank to raise your desk, on the one hand, your wrists are effectively moved, and you are refreshed during long work. On the other hand, switching between different postures of standing and sitting will promote work efficiency and keep your mind more active. In addition, the cranky standing desk allows you to enjoy such a great product at a low price. The crank small standing desk without a motor drive is more environmentally friendly. You will feel the gentle rise of the desk from the synchronous perspective during the process of shaking it. You who love manual labor should also enjoy the use of this primitive tool. With a crank system, the desk frame has been engineered for safe, reliable, and fast height adjustment. The sturdy iron frame of the crank standing desk has a capacity of 176 pounds, with a desk height from 28.9'' to 45.1''(not including wheels). And easily retractable crank with a holder to facilitate your daily use.

Small Electric Standing Desk

To create a better small standing desk for the many people "Our professional home office furniture team is committed to developing affordable products with good quality and tries our best to keep them at a minimum price; now, you will stay awake during those low-energy working moments. The tray is neatly tucked away under the front edge of the desktop providing an ideal place to store your stationery. Storage Panel and Tray is designed for expanding the three-dimensional storage workspace and keeping privacy in yourself. If you need your own space and use post-it frequently at your work, you will make good use of this product. To refresh the workplace, our small standing desk is a cost-effective choice, which will meet the needs of most users. The sturdy steel frame could rise and fall even if it carried all necessary office supplies, withstanding a weight of 155 pounds. In addition, the desk frame has a height range of 27.6" - 46.06" (with a 1" thick desktop). A 19" travel distance is perfect for users 5'4" to 6'1" tall. The intelligent keypad configured for you allows you to adjust the height as you like. In addition, the small standing desk has three preset buttons to customize your desired measurements from 27.6" to 46.06". Avoid tangling any hanging wires by using the cable management tray beneath the desk.2