Corner Standing Desk

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Triple motor stable frame
Upper storage drawers

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L-shaped Basic
L-shaped Basic
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Up to 75'' ✕ 63'' Surface
330lbs Lift System
Cheapest L-shape Desk

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Built-in Outlets
Ambient LED Light
Useful Monitor Stand

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Monitor Arm Mountable

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Powell-Rustic Brown Powell-Light Rustic
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Flexible Layout
Free Independent Stand
With Collision-avoiding

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Weston Weston-Rustic Brown / 63" x 24"
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Additional Side Space
Cupholder & Hook
Cable Management

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The Benefits of Corner Standing Desk 

There were always only rectangular desktops to choose from when standing desks first came into the furniture market. Nowadays, everything has changed and there are many options that actually require us to divide this category into two subcategories. Corner standing desks and L-shaped standing desks.


A huge difference between corner standing desks and L-shaped standing desks is that corner sit stand desks have two or three legs for lifting, but they are always built on the desktop, which distinguishes them from L-shaped standing desks. In addition, many corner standing desks are also symmetrical in size while L-shaped standing desks aren't. 

An L-shaped standing desk always has three legs to lift, two or three desktops are always connected vertically. L-shaped standing desks are generally larger than standing corner desks and are more flexible because they have the exact length required for one wall relative to another. It also has three legs instead of two, and two or three desk boards instead of one, which are much more expensive. They are heavier, cost more to ship and are generally harder to assemble.

There are four different standing corner desk models and L-shaped standing desks in FEZiBO to cover the budget range. FEZiBO offers a 60-day money back policy and a 5-year warranty for every customer. You're not purchasing an electric standing desk, but an easier and stress-free reducing work style.

1. Dual Motor Corner Standing Desk

A more economical solution, which is possible for many users, is to use a sit stand corner desk with two legs. The main advantages of the corner type are lower cost (only two legs instead of three), easier assembly and easier mounting of the monitor arm along the rear edge of the trench. This corner standing desk is symmetrical in dimension, which is 48" x 48". It offers 4 colors to choose from, which are rustic brown, black, white and bamboo, and the rustic brown color is the top seller.

Corner Design Creates More Possibility

The L-shape makes the desk more flexible to adapt to home and office. It helps create a better work environment allowing you to move throughout your day.

Dual Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk-
Easy to Handle Multiple Electric Devices

This standing desk is designed for our customers, who need to work with plenty of electric devices. Its maximum weight capacity is 176lbs. It is totally enough to handle multiple electric devices. 

Free and Removable Monitor Stand

This standing desk comes with a free monitor stand, which does not need to be secured with screws to the desk. Let's work more efficiently in this perfect office set!

Dual Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk-

Smoother Height Adjustment with Dual Motor

The power of the dual-motor system is stronger and increases the stability of the standing desk. Ensure the smooth height adjustment of the standing desk. Its height range is from 27.36" to 46.06", including the desktop.

Memory Heights: Sit to Stand in Seconds!

Memory presets are also included, which help you to get back to your favorite heights without having to continuously adjust to search for them again. Try out our One-Touch Control to free your hands and time from long pressing on the controller to adjust the height every time.

2. L-shaped Corner Standing Desk

A Desk Makes You Energetic and Motivated!

FEZIBO corner electric standing desk helps create a better work environment by allowing you to move throughout your day. It is the ultimate and budget-friendly option for people who prefer simplicity. The L-Shaped design expands your working space, and you will work more efficiently. In addition, switching between sitting and standing throughout a long workday provides several health benefits for the body.

Spacious Workspace

With the L-shaped large work surface measuring 55 x 24 inches, you will put two computer monitors and a tablet computer on the desk. The tabletop comes in 3 packages for easy assembly.

Reversible Panel

Our professional team is committed to designing a humanized standing desk for every customer and tries to adapt to our customers' demands. The reversible panel is both suitable for left-hander and right-hander.

L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk (Spliced Board)-

Desk frame

To refresh the workplace, our standing desk is a cost-effective choice, which will meet the needs of most users. The frame made of sturdy steel will withstand a weight of 155 pounds; even if you put all the necessary office supplies, it will rise and fall smoothly. In addition, the desk frame has a height range of 27.6 inches to 47.3 (with a 1" thick desktop). A 19" travel distance is perfect for users from 5'4" to 6'1" tall.

L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk (Spliced Board)-
Adjustable height

Memory features: The standing desk has three preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 27.6" to 47.3".

Anti-Collision System

When you are concentrating on work, the Anti-Collision system allows you not to worry about accidents. The desk will stop automatically during the lifting process when it meets items underneath, such as coffeecup, books, and storage.

3. Triple Motor Corner Standing Desk

With a modern look, this corner sit stand desk is designed to catch the eye and capture the heart. It has become the best-seller in FEZiBO due to its stylish outlook and affordable price. Let's look deeply at its details.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Corner Top

This L-shaped top is made of three pieces and the material is laminate.There is only one size to choose from, which is 63" W x 47.3" D x 28" H. And the top can't be interchanged. It offers 4 colors, which are Black, rustic brown, white, light rustic.

Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk-

Up to 330lbs Capacity with Triple Motor System

FEZiBO triple motor standing desk is easy to handle multiple electric devices within 330lbs, and because of the triple motor system, it moves smoothly under plenty of computers and monitors.

Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk-

Sit Stand Corner Desks at Reasonable Prices

In the standing desk market of United States, the price of triple motor adjustable corner desks is between $899 to $1599. However, the triple motor stand up corner desks of FEZiBO just cost $599. There are several thoughtful designs to keep your workstation clean, which are three preset button controls, two desk hooks and one cable management tray.

Corner Standing Desk with Programmable Panel

There are 3 pre-set heights buttons to set your ideal heights when sitting and standing. You could set these 3 heights when you are sitting, standing with bare feet and standing with anti-fatigue mat.

4. Triple Motor Standing Corner Desk with Triple Drawer

Compared with the previous corner three-motor standing desk, this desk has even been upgraded.

Triple Drawer Desktop Storage

It is the most spacious desktop ever, the desktop storage can be used as the monitor stand. The three 16.6" L *3.3" H drawers easily hold all your office items, keeping your desk neat and clean and allowing you to work efficiently. It offers three colors to choose from, which are rustic brown, black and white.

5. Thoughtful Design Keeps Your Workstation Clean

You must realize that the tiny accessories sometimes make up the biggest difference.
☆Under Desk Hooks: Great for hanging your headphones.
☆Cable Management Tray: A clever solution to organize under desk cables and create a tidier desktop.
☆Wheels with Brakes: The 360-degree rotating wheels allow you to slide on the carpet easily, and the brakes help you stop anywhere you want.

Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk with Triple Drawer-

6. Many health benefits of using standing desks

Using a standing table helps to create the movements needed for improvement and to supply the brain with oxygen, which will increase your and your blood pressure.