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Reykjavik design

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63'' x 48'' Surface

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Cup Holder, Hooks

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Gaming desks can offer a lot of additional comforts, especially for gamers besides the functions of a standard desk - be it a monitor, headset or gamed mounts, a surface that serves as a mouse pad, or cool lighting.

Gaming desk vs workplace desk. How really does a gaming office vary from a new regular model?

Personal computer desks, corner or even angle desks in addition to gaming desks, particularly for a piece regarding utility furniture such as a desk, right now there are extremely many type variants. Specifically, the gaming tables offered for personal computer gamers are at present, very popular. Firstly, they stand out there from the standard workplace desk, particularly together with their look in addition to design, and therefore suit flawlessly into a new gaming room. Moreover, gaming desks likewise offer space in addition to holders for components particularly utilized by game enthusiasts.

L-Shaped Standing Gaming Desk with Monitor Shelf and Headphone Hook

Bullet points:
- Ideal for L-shaped desktops
- Leading your work & gaming is more flexible
- Having a Monitor shelf and Headphone Hook

Ergonomic Warm Design

FEZiBO professional L-shaped game table, specially designed for game lovers, brings a better experience for every game player. The desktop uses a unique carbon fiber texture and an ergonomic surround shape.

Various Practical Functions

Featuring 1 Headphone Hook, 1 Cable Tray, and 1 Monitor shelf, the FEZiBO L-shaped gaming desk helps to extend the desktop space and gives you more space to store items, leaving you more space for working, studying, and gaming. Compared with the adjustable gaming desks, it has many obvious features, too.

Rugged and durable and easy assembly

The package contains detailed instructions and tools. It is easy and quick to assemble, The desk top and frame are made of strong and durable material and you will use them without worries.
Full L Shaped Gaming Desk with Optional Space Saving Monitor Shelf
The l shape structure is designed to fully utilize your home and office space. This L-shaped gaming computer desk beautifully snuggles into a corner space, filling the edges of the area against the wall, creating more floor space in the center of the room. This L desk also comes with a detachable & switchable monitor riser stand, offering you extra space for storage and for gaming activities.

L-shaped height adjustable gaming desk for versatility

Having this L-shaped corner gaming desk feels like having two desks at once. With the best L-shaped gaming desk, one wing of the desk can be used for a computer or laptop, while the other can be kept free for more hands-on tasks such as drawing, crafts, sewing, or whatever physical tasks your work entails.

Reviews from our customers:

  • Sturdy, easy to assemble
  • Amazing product for the price
  • Cheap gaming desk but far beyond expectations.
  • Easy instructions, securely packaged…total win.
  • Very good gaming desk

Computer desks, corner or angled desks, height adjustable gaming desks, and gaming desks, especially for a piece of utility furniture like a desk, there are very many model variants. In particular, the gaming desks offered for computer gamers are currently very popular. First of all, they stand out from the average office desk, especially with their look and design, and thus fit perfectly into a gaming room. Furthermore, gaming desks also offer space and holders for accessories specifically used by gamers.

N-Leg Gaming Desk with Cup Holder and Headphone Hook

Bullet points:
- Super sturdy N-shaped frame
- With convenient accessories
- Achieve your victory to new heights

Waterproof and Wear-resistant Board

Our tabletop gaming computer desk is made from durable material, and the texture on the desktop allows you to play without worrying about scratching.
Ergonomic design helps to improve the appearance of the table and increase its balance. Thanks to the generous space, you can flex and stretch your legs flexibly.

P2 class environmentally friendly tabletop

The Carbon fiber structure tabletop is made of professionally used materials, which are environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, safe, and reliable. A waterproof tabletop with high heat resistance provides you with a good gaming experience.

Robust, durable, and easy to assemble

The package includes detailed instructions and tools. It is easy and quick to assemble. The tabletop and frame are made of strong and durable material. You can use the table without any worries.

Various practical functions

FEZiBO gaming table is equipped with cable management, a monitor stand, and a headphone hook to keep your desk tidy. This will give you a clean and tidy gaming environment.

Gaming desks stand out due to their appearance and design

Normal office desks are usually rather plain in design and their appearance is discreet. Gaming desks, on the other hand, present themselves with an appealing and very modern design, which differs greatly from that of a conventional desk. Depending on the model, additional tabletops in carbon look and/or stable, colorfully illuminated table legs in Z/K shape emphasize the visually striking impression and ensure that a gaming desk fits perfectly into any gaming room.

But looks aren't the only factor in the difference between an office desk and a gaming desk. Gamers who are passionate about computer gaming spend many hours at a walking desk. Therefore, comfort and ergonomics in the form of an ergonomic tabletop with an adjusted angle of inclination or height adjustment must always be the focus of a gaming desk. This is the only way to guarantee a perfectly tuned gaming experience.

Z-Leg Gaming Desk with Cup Holder and Headphone Hook

Bullet points:
- Super sturdy Z-shaped frame
- With convenient accessories
- Take your gaming to new heights

Multiple Choices:

We provide tables in different sizes and colors. You can choose the right size and color according to your space size and the home decoration style. Please rest assured to choose, the quality and warranty are guaranteed.

Plenty of Space:

This desk is equipped with a monitor stand and an iron hook to extend the desktop space and give you more space to store items, leaving you more space for working, studying, and gaming. Overall dimensions are 51"(L) x 51"(L) x 18"(W) x 30.4"(H).

Flexible to Use:

The monitor shelf can be moved at will according to your needs. The iron hook can be installed either on the left or right according to your usage habits.

Easy to install:

All tools needed are included. You can assemble the desk within 30 mins. The desktop and frame are made of strong and durable material and you will use them without worries.

Fast Installation & Easy Cleaning:

To make assembling these sturdy L-shaped desks as effortless as possible, we have included quite clear and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and all necessary tools in the package. Made of the carbon fiber surface, the modern desk is anti-skidding, anti-scratch, and easy to clean.

Adjustable Gaming Desk, I-shaped Best Computer Standing Desk

Bullet points:
- Gaming at your will
- Affordability with quality
- Minimum design, maximum comfort

Frame Selection

☆☆Basic-2 Stage Inverted Frame
Good and Firm. Under the weight of 155 lbs (enough to hold your PC and other accessories), Basic-2 Stage Inverted Frame has a height range of 27" - 46" (with a 19" travel distance), ideal for users 4'8" to 6'3" tall. The minimum height of the frame is less than 28 inches, which is friendly for children to stand up to use.

☆☆☆Eco-2 Stage Inverted Frame
Smart and Stable. Under the weight of 155 lbs (enough to hold your PC and other accessories), Eco-2 Stage Inverted Frame has a height range of 27" - 46" (with a 19" travel distance), ideal for users 4'8" to 6'3" tall. Also, it uses sheet metal bending feet, which are more durable and straightforward. The minimum height of the frame is less than 28 inches, which is friendly for children to stand up to use.

☆☆☆☆Pro-2 Stage Frame
Better and Stronger. The dual-motor lifting system enables a higher weight capacity of 220 lbs for all your desktop needs, significantly increasing overall weight capacity while maximizing stability, speed, smoothness, silence, and strength. In addition, it has a height range of 27.9" - 46.5" (with an 18.6" travel distance) and is ideal for users 4'8" to 6'3" tall. The minimum height of the frame is less than 28 inches, which is friendly for children to stand up to use.

Keypad Features

☆☆☆Standard Keypad
The Standard Keypad includes up & down features and adds memory and anti-collision features:
Memory features: Remember your favorite height for different scenes. Then you can free your hands and no need to press the button during the lifting process.
Anti-collision features: Protect the desk from the collision. The desk will stop automatically when it meets beneath desk items during the lifting process such as coffee cups, books, etc.

☆☆☆☆Advanced Keypad
The Advanced Keypad includes Standard Keypad features and adds these features:
USB: The USB port is right next to you while your phone needs juice.
Type-C: The Type-C on the keypad provides an additional electrical outlet for your necessary appliances.
*Child Lock: Worrying about your kid playing around and adjusting the desk? Child lock can prevent the above problem. Keep the desk from moving until stopped. The child lock made you worry-free.

Gaming desks offer special extras and features for computer gamers

A gaming desk not only looks good, but it also offers a lot of space for accessories that are mainly used by gamers. For this purpose, almost all gaming desks are equipped with special holders on which these accessories can be safely stored or hung. These are, for example, holders for controllers, the headset, drinks as well as for cables or multiple plug-in strips.

Since a gaming mouse with a high-performance sensor can only show its full performance on a mouse pad, some gaming desks are equipped with a mouse pad optimized for smooth mouse movements and sensor tracking ex-works. The mouse pad, made of microfiber fabric and adjusted to the needs of the game, almost always covers the entire tabletop, so that the gamer can theoretically move his gaming mouse on the entire table. Other extras that are not only useful for gamers are cable management, whose cable channels ensure maximum order and prevent cable tangles, as well as recesses that are provided for a monitor mount. These openings in the tabletop make it much easier to attach this mount for up to three gaming monitors, making it child's play to attach the screens to the table.

What are the features of a recommended gaming desk?

The modern design, the eye-catching look, and the equipment elements adapted to the needs of the gamer are not only the main distinguishing features between a gaming desk and a computer desk for the office. It is precisely the equipment that is the most important criterion when buying a desk for gamers. We will show you which extras a recommendable gaming desk has to offer and which you can do without compromising on comfort and ergonomics.

What dimensions should a gaming desk have? Recommendations for height, width, and depth/length

The dimensions of a gaming desk, i.e. its height, width, and depth, are definitely important factors to think about before you buy. Make sure that there is enough space for both the desk itself and all the parts that may be in the gaming room. Furthermore, it is very important that you leave enough space behind your computer so that protruding cables do not directly touch the wall. If you also want to place your PC under or on the gaming desk, the table dimensions should not be too tight, otherwise the computer might fall down. With the help of our guideline values for height, width and depth/length, you can find a sufficiently large desk for gamers.


Height is one of the most important criteria when it comes to the dimensions of a gaming desk. On the one hand, an incorrect desk height impairs the gaming experience. On the other hand, it leads to an incorrect, non-ergonomic posture, which can definitely have an impact on health. Gamers who already sit on a height-adjustable office swivel chair or gaming chair primarily optimize the seat height with the help of the seating furniture. However, if you are sitting on a simple chair or stool, or if you are unable to determine the optimal height yourself due to your body dimensions, even with a height-adjustable office chair (for gamers), you will absolutely need a gaming desk with height adjustment.


The depth, or rather the depth of the tabletop, is probably the most important value when it comes to the dimensions of a gaming desk. In order to accommodate a monitor, two speakers, a mouse pad in XL/XXL format (approx. 900 mm × 400 m) as well as a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard on the table, we advise a minimum depth of 60 cm. Considering that the depth of an average monitor stand is about 20 cm and a good (mechanical) gaming keyboard including the palm rest necessary for optimal ergonomics takes up at least another 25 cm, 60 cm is the absolute minimum. On the other hand, a depth of 80 cm is optimal. On the one hand, you won't sit too close to the screen. For another, you can place other peripherals above the keyboard and enhance the tabletop's plastic surface with a huge mouse mat like the Corsair MM500 (1,220 × 610 mm).


How wide/long a gaming desk should be depends predominantly on how many monitors you want to accommodate on the table. We recommend a desk with a minimum width/length of 100 cm. If the computer is not placed on the desk, but moves down to the floor, there is definitely room for two 24-inch monitors with a measured width of 56 cm. However, there is no more room for speakers, for which you should allow approx. 20 - 25 cm with a width/length of 100 cm.

Material science: What material are gaming desks made of?


The material used in manufacturing is the basic building block of a gaming desk and is largely responsible for the stability, stability and quality. When looking for a suitable gamer desk, make sure that it is made of high quality materials and not just residual materials that may have been glued together. Often, a table looks very good at first glance, but on closer inspection, the supposed bargain turns out to be a sham.

This applies to gaming desks, for example, whose tabletop is made of carbon according to the manufacturer. However, in 99 percent of the cases, this is merely a cheap MDF board whose plastic coating has been decorated with a carbon look. Furthermore, it is particularly important that the table is robustly built, can withstand some weight - 80 kg should be enough - and does not wobble. Otherwise, it can happen that the screens placed on the tabletop or the PC placed there move during a hectic gaming session and ultimately fall off the table. We will explain to you which different material variants are available and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Wood (solid wood)

Computer desks that are made of solid wood (beech, oak) are very rarely found among the offered gaming desks. This is mainly due to the fact that wood is an expensive material that requires complex processing. Therefore, office or gaming desks where the table top is made of solid wood, if at all, can only be found in the upper price segment. One advantage of a wooden gaming desk is the fact that wood is a very durable material that gamers can enjoy for a very long time.

In addition, a gaming desk made entirely of solid wood is particularly robust and can bear a lot of load (80 kg and more are possible). One disadvantage of a computer desk with a worktop made of real wood is that you absolutely need a mouse pad for optimal tracking of your gaming mouse. If the gaming desk doesn't have a cup holder, you also have to be especially careful not to spill any liquids on the tabletop. If the tabletop is not properly oiled or coated with clear varnish, it will swell.

Wood (MDF or chipboard with coating).

To make gaming desks attractively priced, most models are not equipped with a hardwood tabletop. Instead, the tabletop, which is screwed to the steel or aluminum frame, is made of pressboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). As a wood-based material, pressboard has a great advantage in that it is not only lightweight but can also be treated with scratch-resistant paint or coated with plastic. Thus, Sein doesn't have to worry about unsightly marks or scratches on the table when you move your gaming mouse past the mouse pad in the heat of the moment or slide the keyboard back and forth to realign it. You can also clean a plastic-coated pressboard more easily than a wooden one.

MDF boards, our material recommendation for a sturdy gaming desktop, also have a plastic coating. This is often further enhanced with a carbon look, like on the Nitro Concepts D16E Gaming Desk pictured left. Like pressboard, MDF is a wood-based material that offers maximum stability and robustness with high quality and can be coated with water-repellent and scratch-resistant plastic.


A gaming desk whose tabletop is made of glass really makes a statement with its stylish and modern look. If the gamer desk with glass elements is then combined with RGB lighting, it is sure to be the eye-catcher in your gaming room. However, the particularly appealing look is countered by the limited suitability for every day use and gaming. Unfortunately, glass is very susceptible to scratches and also not particularly robust, stable, and non-slip. Therefore, ragers should be particularly careful, because small cracks or a complete break can quickly occur. Glass definitely breaks much faster than wood.

In addition, you always need a mouse pad with a glass tabletop, since there are only a handful of gaming mice that scan on glass. Moreover, glass is very clean intensively as you can see every little fingerprint on it. Therefore, you will definitely have to clean a gaming desk with glass elements much more often, should it not look shabby. If you decide to buy a glass gaming desk despite the negative points listed, make sure to choose a high-quality model where the glass is shatterproof and does not suffer from the weight of your gaming hardware.

Aluminum (table legs and frame)

The table legs and the table frame are mainly responsible for the stable and secure stand of a gaming desk. However, most models no longer rely on regular construction with four table legs attached to a frame. You can find the most diverse constructions, for example, Z- or K-shaped table legs like in the Ultras Racer in the picture. Although table frames also have a significant impact on the look and design of a gaming desk, you should pay close attention to the material used in the table frame when making your choice.

In most cases, the frame construction with the table legs is made of steel. This material is robust and torsion-resistant, but in return, it also has a high weight. If you have to pay attention to every euro when buying, you can not avoid a steel table frame. However, if you have a higher budget, you can also go for a more expensive model that uses an aluminum base instead of a steel frame. It looks better and has a more attractive appearance. In addition, aluminum is a very lightweight material. Therefore, compared to other steel models, aluminum gaming tables are light as a feather and are very easy to transport, set up and, if necessary, quickly move around.

What are the different types of gaming desks?

The range of gaming desks is currently very large and there are many different types of models. However, whether your gaming desk has a standard format (rectangular, square), is shaped like a shelf, or has an L-shaped design, doesn't really matter when it comes to your choice. As long as the desk of your choice provides you with enough s

pace for its purposes and fits into the space intended for it, you are free to choose according to your gusto. Each gaming desk design has its advantages as well as disadvantages, which we will present to you here.

Gaming desks with regular format (rectangular, square).

Gaming desks, whose tabletop is rectangular or square-shaped, are the most common among the many offers. They are attractively priced and you can fit quite a bit of gaming hardware, especially on a large rectangular model with the commonly found dimensions of 1,600 mm × 800 mm. A square-shaped table offers significantly less storage space for hardware such as monitors and speakers, especially in terms of length/width, and is therefore well suited for combining with other tables. Because of its greater depth, it usually also takes up more space in the room. However, a rectangular gaming desk is not really space-saving either. It also looks bulky rather than dynamic. In addition, it is not possible to work in the corners. The big advantage of rectangular and square models is that there is a lot of space underneath the tabletop.

Corner desk (L-shaped standing gaming desk)

The corner desk of FEZiBO consists of three parts. The main table, a side table, and a corner table. It is so ideal for use in the corner.
If you have the possibility and space to place your gaming desk in the corner of your computer room, you should consider choosing a corner desk instead of a rectangular model. A corner gaming desk, which usually consists of the main table, a side table, and a corner table offers a very large work surface and fits perfectly into your space.

Thus, it turns out to be much more space-saving than a rectangular gaming desk and the storage space under the tabletop is also larger. Unfortunately, these desks are usually quite expensive, and setting them up in small and tight spaces can be a challenge.

Angle desk (triangular corner desk)

An angle desk is a corner desk option for those who have limited space in their gaming room and want to place the gaming desk in the corner for maximum use of space. Angle desks are mainly offered in two variants:

In the first, the furniture consists of two tabletops of the same size that are connected to form a right-angled triangle, thus adapting exactly to the corner in which they are to be placed. The other variant, shown in the picture on the right, is very compact and narrow and is a recommendable gaming table for those who really don't have much space in the width. The table is designed accordingly high, which provides quite a bit of storage space in the form of three shelves or compartments despite the small width.

Shelf desk

FEZiBO‘s gaming desk offers sturdy pressed wood construction at a fair price. Its optional features include a cabinet, a shelf for the PC, and an additional elevation above the tabletop for 3 monitors.

When it comes to having as much storage space for peripherals and shelves for monitors as well as speakers as possible, you can't go past a gaming desk with shelf construction. Shelving desks, like the Wohnorama models in our review table, are primarily intended for larger rooms, as they take up quite a bit of space with dimensions of 180 cm × 92 cm × 68 cm. So before buying, think carefully about whether this is available to them. The special thing about a shelf desk is that it is divided into a tabletop large enough for the gaming mouse and gaming keyboard, and a shelf-like elevation for monitors, which are thus directly at eye level. In addition, there are shelves to the left and right of the tabletop, as well as a small cabinet and a shelf for storing the PC, respectively compartments with adjustable shelves. The only disadvantage of gaming desks made of coated chipboard is that the tabletop cannot be adjusted in height and is often relatively small.

Choosing the right gaming desk is the first step to a good gaming experience. Additionally, free shipping and a guarantee for the buyer are also very important!